PhD, PEng

Nick Carter

Dr Nick Carter’s career in geology and mineral deposits spans five decades. He started at International Nickel Company in Sudbury for 2 years prior to joining the British Columbia Department of Mines and Petroleum Resources in Victoria in 1964. His 16 years service with the British Columbia provincial geological survey included examination of, and reporting on, a variety of mineral deposits and occurrences in varied mineral districts, as well as supervision of a number of geological projects and regional geochemical surveys throughout British Columbia. He has authored numerous publications on molybdenum and copper porphyry deposits.

Over the past 27 years, Dr Carter has served as director, officer and member of technical advisory boards for a number of junior mining companies, and has provided professional services to numerous junior and senior mining companies engaged in a variety of mineral projects throughout Canada, western USA, Mexico, and parts of South America and Asia.

Dr Carter obtained a B.Sc. in geology from the University of New Brunswick in 1960, an M.S. from Michigan Technological University in 1962, and a Ph.D. from University of British Columbia in 1974. He has been registered with Engineers & Geoscientists BC since 1966, and, with Dr Vic Preto, served on a task force which was instrumental in achieving the registration of Professional Geoscientists within the Association.

CFA, Research Analyst, Mining

Christos Doulis

Precious Metals Stonecap Securities Prior to joining Stonecap Securities in September 2010, Christos spent sixteen years in a wide variety of roles with a focus on the global mining sector. Most recently, Christos was a Partner at Gryphon Partners, a diversified global corporate advisory consultancy specializing in mining and resource company mandates.

PhD, PEng

Vic Preto

Dr Vic Preto is a recognized expert on copper-gold alkalic porphyry deposits in British Columbia. During his 31 years of service with the British Columbia Ministry or Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources, he mapped and studied extensively the rocks of the Nicola Belt and its copper-gold alkalic porphyry deposits. As a result of these studies, he authored or co-authored several refereed papers and led numerous field trips to the Nicola Belt and its mineral deposits. His publications include:

  • Geology and Mineral Deposits of the Copper Mountain Camp (EMPR Bulletin 59)
  • Geology and Mineral Deposits of the Nicola Belt (EMPR Bulletin 69), where the Miner Mountain project is located.

In addition to his extensive field studies, Dr Preto represented the Geological Survey Branch on the Mine Development Steering Committee for several years, was manager of District Geology and Coal Resources, Director of Prospectors’ Assistance and Training, and manager of two major assistance programs to stimulate mineral exploration. He also served on Council for the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC (now Engineers & Geoscientists BC) and, with Dr Nick Carter, served on a task force that was instrumental in achieving the registration of Professional Geoscientists within the Association.

A member of Engineers & Geoscientists BC since October 1967, Dr Preto’s geological and mineral deposits knowledge and experience, as well as his knowledge of the provincial government inner workings, regulations, and of the environmental review and permitting process, will be an asset as the Miner Mountain Project moves forward. Dr Preto was previously Sego’s independent consultant.

Technical Advisory Board