CEO, Director

J. Paul Stevenson

J. Paul has been active continuously in mineral exploration and development since 1965 when he began working for Amax Exploration Inc. in Smithers, British Columbia. From 1968 to 1978 he worked for various exploration syndicates managed by Bacon & Crowhurst Engineers. J. Paul had the privilege during this era to be taught and trained by noted prospector JC “Cam” Stephen, and was able to hone his skills as a prospector and project manager.

After managing a number of exploration syndicates of his own, J. Paul entered the world of junior companies as a project manager in the 1980’s with a strong focus on Porphyry Copper exploration and development. In 1995 he became CEO of Pacific Booker Minerals Inc., and after taking the Morrison Project to Preliminary Economic Assessment, left Pacific Booker with board members Chris Sampson, P.Eng., Shelley Hallock, and Al Hilton to found Sego Resources Inc. in 2005.

J. Paul is a Community Elder of the Vancouver Métis Community Association, a board member of the National Aboriginal Energy and Power Association, a board member of his local Constituency Association, and a member of the Indigenous Network. He has served on the Premier’s Committee for Mining Initiatives, on the British Columbia Multiculturalism Advisory Council, and was Vice-Chair of Vancouver City Council’s Special Advisory Committee for Cultural Communities.

J. Paul has been a lifelong volunteer and activist focussed on the mining industry he loves and his Métis Community. In the traditional Métis way, he has a foot in two camps and strives to serve both. These two areas often intersect in his efforts to ensure full engagement between Indigenous People and the Mining Industry, and to explore for minerals with full respect for the Land. His current interest of the last ten years, besides advancing Sego’s Miner Mountain project, has been to assist Aboriginal men readjust to civil society after federal incarceration, and ensuring post-secondary education for Indigenous youth. In recognition of his service to the community, J. Paul was awarded the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal in 2012.


Sven Gollan

Mr. Gollan is a Director of Sego Resources, Alianza Minerals, and EGR Exploration and is a Capital Markets Advisor for Capella Minerals. He is also the CEO of Teako Minerals Corp. Mr. Gollan spent 16 years as an Investment/Private Banker in Germany and Austria and was active in the education and training of securities advisors and investment bankers. From 2011 to 2015 he was an external consultant for the Grabher Family, Austria. Mr Gollan has been with FruchtExpress Grabher, Corporate Treasury Unit/Family Office, Austria since 2015, and currently with FruchtExpress Norge the Norwegian Branch of FruchtExpress.


James Allan (Al) Hilton

Al has been active in mineral exploration and public markets for 40 years. He has been the President of Hiltec Exploration & Development since 1979. He served as Director of Pacific Booker Minerals Ltd. from 1993 to 1995, Director of Consolidated Logan Mines Ltd. from 1999 to 2004, and Director of Solitaire Minerals Corp. in 2002. Al is credited with the discovery of the Samatosum Mine, a past-producing silver mine located near Adams Lake, British Columbia. He has been a promoter of Sego Resources Inc. since July 11, 2005, and has been a non-independent Director for Sego Resources Inc. since August 23, 2005.


J. P Colin

Jean-Pierre is a corporate strategy consultant to high-growth publicly-listed mining companies. He is a recognized senior securities industry executive and investment banking professional providing financing and mergers and acquisitions services to numerous prosperous mining issuers in Canada. Mr. Colin holds an MBA from the University of Western Ontario, and a Law Degree from the University of Ottawa

Chair of Audit Committee

David Speck

David is an entrepreneur and a specialist in capital markets. He graduated with a degree in political science with a focus on economics and finance from the University of Guelph in 1982. David comes with 35+ years’ experience in the financial markets inclusive of retail sales/management, corporate development and sales, financial forecasting and modeling. Amongst his achievements and awards were both the President’s and Chairman’s Club level as a retail broker, senior management roles with two Canadian retail brokerages and raising several hundred million dollars in capitalj. He has worked with start-up companies in both the mining and medical imaging sectors as he entered a more entrepreneurial phase of his career. David completed the Chartered Financial Analyst degree in 1994. He is CFO of Thunder Gold Corp and a Director of Rainy Mountain Royalty.


Shelley Hallock

Shelley is a semi-retired business woman whose interest in mineral exploration spans several decades, starting with work done for LUC Syndicate. She served as Director of Pacific Booker Minerals Inc. from 1995 to 2005. She served as a Medical Secretary at St. Paul’s Hospital from 1999 to 2004, and as a casual Administrative Assistant with Interior Health Authority since 2014. She has extensive knowledge in the area of print media, having been the publisher of the Caledonia Courier in Fort St. James, and a typesetter for the Kamloops Daily News during a twenty-year career in the newspaper industry. Shelley has a special interest in corporate governance and responsibility, and has been an Independent Director and knowledgeable member of Sego Resources Inc.’s Audit Committee since 2005.