Community Relations

SEGO Resources is dedicated to on-going community relations. Our management team and board of directors believes in keeping an open dialogue with all members of the community.

Our company frequently consults with land owners in the area directly, and with the immediate community through the local newspapers to ensure that all members of the community are kept abreast of how the project is progressing and how this affects the community.

As the first step to acquiring the Miner Mountain project SEGO Resources met with the Upper Similkameen Indian Band and worked out a comprehensive Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) prior to starting work, creating an ongoing partnership in the development of the Miner Mountan project.

As the company was entering talks with the Uppper Similikameen Indian Band SEGO management made every effort to reach out to locally affected cattle ranchers to ensure they were informed and aware of the project's purpose and how they would be affected.

By taking these steps SEGO has created a situation where dialogue is always open with all members of the community. This creates certainty for share holders and helps to avoid potential conflicts in the future which would distract from the end goal of developing the Miner Mountain project to its fullest potential.